Furniture Makeover

Grey Wash Coffee Table

As I mentioned in my credenza post, we recently (a year ago) moved into our new house.  This house featured two adjoining open concept living rooms…meaning two sets of furniture.  Our move into our new house perfectly coincided with my newfound hobby…furniture restoration, makeover, refinishing.  The perfect opportunity to handpick and redesign a few peices of furniture.  I began my search and came across this little dude.


It must have been meant to be, because as soon as I laid this guy next to the cash register, several other customers approached me asking if I had claimed it.  Right time, Right place.

I am pretty sure this coffee table used to have drawers, according to the arrangement of the slats in the bottom.  I’m guessing these extra slats were guides for the drawers.

After bringing it home, I removed the unnecessary slats and attempted to sand the whole thing down to bare wood.  I mostly used my orbital sander and some good old fashioned elbow grease (where did that term ever come from??)  Two coats of Minwax grey stain with light sanding between, were enough to give me the dimensional color I was going for. A couple coats of polyurethane and moved it into the living room!

I let it sit for a couple weeks to see how I felt about everything. Next to our couch, love seat and end tables this poor little beauty looked PUNY !!!! It wasn’t even as tall as the seat of the sofa! How could I make this thing bigger? Another few weeks passed…CASTOR WHEELS! A trip to Canadian Tire and $5 later, I installed four little gold castor wheels that raised the table about 1.5-2 inches – it made a difference.

To make the whole coffee table display even a little chunkier, I pulled out a $7 thrift store find. It was a metal frame like-piece with a glass bottom. I spray painted it white and filled it with some Christmas decor (I still have no idea what that thing was originally meant for!)



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