Amy’s Quilt (Part One)

At the beginning of the quilting process, I collected fabric….a lot of fabric….like I should own shares in our local fabric stores by now.  I started by picking out a fabric that reminded me of each of the bridesmaids.

Amy Jelly Roll 1

Amy’s quilt started as a jelly roll including an aqua blue color…the same color as her bedroom when we were roomies.  (Little did I know that right before the wedding she would re-decorate her room in the same color palette!!)

The jelly roll ensured that most of the fabric cutting was already done and Leah took care of the rest.  We picked out a fairly easy free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop called Jelly Roll Jam.  I should add that this whole process began with hours of Youtube (Thank you Missouri Star Quilt Company!!!) Leah attacked the quilt top while I started on the next bridesmaids labour of love.

The goal was to make each quilt a little bigger than 50″ x 60″.  The reason being, I remember numerous occasions covering up an average sized store-bought throw and having to decide between keeping my feet warm, or my shoulders. A 50″ x 60″ blanket would not allow both, even for a short person like myself.

When we realized that the single jelly roll wasn’t enough to get a big enough quilt to keep Amy’s feet warm, I went fabric shopping several more times.  Leah finished the top, myself and my Aunt quilted and bound the back and we had finished number one!!!

Amy Jelly Roll 2

3 thoughts on “Amy’s Quilt (Part One)

  1. Im doing a blog Post per quilt. So far I have three of the quilts blogged about. There are actually three quilts that aren’t done yet, two bridesmaids and my moms. The tops are finished but basted and Put all together. I just started working on them again this week since the wedding! I was crazy to think I was gonna finish them all in time, but that’s kinda the surprise to my bloggers. They aren’t done yet! Lol after all the quilts are done and each have a blog post, I will
    Post one blog including all the quilts and the mountain of scrap Material I have left. Unfortunately I can’t post ur comment cause it will ruin the surprise to my readers that three aren’t done! Two
    Blog Posts away. Lol thanks for
    Reading!! 🙂


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