Wedding of the Nine Quilts (Intro)

I recently changed my name…I became a Mrs.  My wonderful husband, Chris, had little opinion on the details of the wedding.  Our special day could have had an “Under the Sea” theme and he could have cared less.  There was only one detail he was adamant about….he wanted SEVEN groomsmen.  Since he was not budging with that number, I rounded up seven of my besties and we proceeded to plan the wedding. Behind the scenes, a year in advance, I started to research the gifts I would give to each of my girls for all their hard work.  I thought about jewelry, purses, keepsake boxes…but nothing seemed to convince me.

*sidenote*   I have big ideas. I-mean-Godzilla-flying-a-UFO-with-a-unicorn-as-his-co-pilot kind of ideas   *sidenote*

I decided to make a quilt for each of my bridesmaids, as well as my mother-in-law to-be and my own mom. I decided to make NINE QUILTS.

Though the decision to quilt my way into oblivion was made up to a year in advance, I didn’t get a sewing machine until nine months before the wedding.  (As I write this, I realize how ridiculous my project still sounds two months AFTER the wedding is over!!)

I won’t tell you exactly how the “Story of the Nine Quilts Ends” but I will tell you I DID recruit a little help in a sewing machine-inclined Bridesmaid, Leah, and my can-bind-a-quilt-in-an-hour Aunt Karen.

I am planning individual posts telling the story of each quilt including pictures, patterns, tips and useful links. Stay Tuned for “Amy’s Quilt” which is up first!!


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